*The hateful actions by white supremacists in Charlottesville are not only horrific and should not be tolerated in any way but reflect a side of society that many don’t want to see.

Yet extreme acts of hatred have already been replicated in multiple parts of the world. To hold hate for other groups of people is not only very disturbing but it also runs entirely contrary to what science tells us about our genetic makeup.

The idea that groups of people should be classified as “us versus them” is pure fiction. And that fiction has led to devastating consequences in history and still today.

It’s about time that the false beliefs about ethnic superiority be seen in the same light as the notion that the world is flat.

DNA proves that regardless of what we look like, where our grandparents and parents came from, or what we believe – we are all connected.  We are all a mix of ethnicities.

DNA evidence finds that thousands of years ago our ancestry began in Africa. Forget the idea of six degrees of separation. Our DNA shows us that we all share a relative if you go back far enough. In fact, if you picked out a white supremacist protesting in Charlottesville from the crowd there were very distant cousins counter protesting because every person is technically related. The world’s people are on one gigantic family tree.

Would DNA evidence change people’s minds? I can’t say but the fact that we’re all connected genetically is something that every person in the world can understand.

Here’s what our DNA testing labs typically find after people take tests.

  • People’s ancestors come from multiple regions throughout the world.
  • No one comes from just one country genetically.
  • It is nearly impossible that someone’s results showed their ancestors came only from Europe.
  • The scientific evidence runs contrary to some of the divisive rhetoric we hear too often.

Getting my own results was pretty eye opening I thought I would be traditionally British, however the largest chunk of my ancestry is from Southern Italy & Sardinia. What also surprised me was my recent Kurdish and Asian ancestry.

Beyond that, cutting edge DNA technology can actually track where ancestors on both the mother’s and father’s side started from and where throughout the world they traveled at different points in history. Going back to roughly 80,000 years our ancestors were all in Africa.

Having reviewed countless DNA test results none of the evidence supports the separative and superiority beliefs some people hold. What we actually find out is how we are all connected. To help present this truth, we’ve dedicated a portion of our profits to educational efforts with that purpose at heart.

At a playground you’ll see little children of all different backgrounds playing together without a second thought. No one is born hating. The science speaks for itself.



Living DNA is a personalized DNA service, designed to help people understand more about themselves and where they came from in unparalleled detail. Developed by world-leading scientists and academics, the Living DNA ancestry test is the most sophisticated product of its kind on the market. It is the only test which can show people a breakdown of their UK ancestry at a regional level, and the first to allow users to view their ‘ancestry family’ at different points in history. In so doing, people can see at what point in the past they were connected to their friends and family through their DNA.






Valerie Holford
[email protected]