family awarded 4 million

*According to lawyers involved with the Eric Garner wrongful death case, the city of New York will be paying out $4 million to his family, from a $5.9 million settlement approved by a Staten Island judge.

Garner died in July 2014 after police placed him in a chokehold while he was being arrested for selling cigarettes on a street corner.

His youngest child and his widow, Esaw Snipes, will received the largest payment, according to family attorney Jonathan Moore. Snipes will receive $1.4 million while Garner’s 3-year-old daughter, Legacy Jayleen Garner-Miller, will get close to $1.3 million.

“I’m very happy that Legacy is going to be getting an increase in funds from what was originally proposed,” said attorney Lorraine Coyle, adding that the original amount was under $1 million.

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police choke garner

According to The Post, Garner’s other daughters– Erica and Emerald Snipes– will each be paid $163,600. Their older brother Eric will get $204,00 and their younger brother Emery, who is a minor, will receive $482,000. His mom Gwen Carr, who is overseeing her late son’s estate, will get $82,0000.

The money will be paid out over the next 90 days in the form of annuities or annual installments, Coyle told The Post. The publication also notes that “the law firm of Rubenstein and Rynecki and civil rights attorney Jonathan Moore are eligible for around $2 million in legal fees.”

The judge is still weighing how much to award in attorneys fees.

“The big issues is what the attorneys fees are,” Coyle said. The attorneys noted that “they are not asking for a specific amount, but will leave that decision up to the judge.”

Eric Garner’s family has also collected a $1 million settlement from Richmond University Medical Center.