kw tulloss - najee ali

K. W. Tulloss and Najee Ali

*Civil rights activists Najee Ali, Political Director and Rev K.W.Tulloss, President of the National Action Network L.A. chapter are set to lead a major protest rally outside the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys pre-season game in support of Colin Kaepernick who they believe is being blackballed by the N.F.L

“This is about police brutality and the black balling of a man because he kneeled to bring attention to the police murders of black men, woman and children.

“Colin Kaepernick put millions on the line and potentially sacrificed his career, so black people and people of color  could live in peace. without the threat of state sanctioned murder by police.

nfl boycott

“The N.F.L is a  form of the modern-day plantation, most of the players are black and the ownership is all white. They’re treating Kaepernick like a runaway slave, making him an example so other players get the message. Do not get too uppity or we will blackball you. The parallels are very much like slavery, except the players are million-dollar slaves under contract who have made billions for the NFL.

“Our protest rally against the N.F.L. is too send a message too the owners that we will not support a buisness or any  N.F.L. team that doesnt care about black lives and our issues.

‘We expect hundreds of fellow activists to join us at our protest Saturday August 12th at  3:00 pm outside the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Located at 39th and Figureoa,”  stated Najee Ali and Rev.K.W.Tulloss.