*Donald Trump’s buddy, Roger Stone, is daring Trump’s opposition to even think about impeaching him. Stone says there will be bloodshed.

Enter comedian and activist D.L. Hughley who is basically calling Stone’s bluff that that the world would see something akin to a second Civil War if anyone makes a serious attempt to oust the orange a-hole.

Hughley says at this point, he believes most Trump supporters are actually looking for a reason to get rid of a headache they put in office. But first, he reminded Stone of why such ultra-right conservatives are fighting to conserve such remnants of the status quo as Confederate monuments in the first place.

“They lost the last Civil War. Right? So Civil War is a bad analogy,” Hughley said.

His swiftness in assuming that Stone was referring to those sympathetic to the monuments is rooted in the GOP strategists’ assessment coming as a response to the question of whether Trump’s initial attitude towards Charlottesville was the tipping point towards his removal.

“Listen, in the real world only winner’s get trophies or statues. But we shouldn’t acquiesce to somebody just because they say we’re going to fight to keep what’s wrong,” Hughley said, in regards to whether or not he fears a prediction like that posed by Stone, coming to fruition. “That’s slavery all over again.”