DMX outside Manhattan Criminal Court - Aug 11, 2017

DMX outside Manhattan Federal Court – Aug 11, 2017

*DMX managed to avoid jail time Friday (Aug 11) despite violating bail conditions in his tax evasion case.

The rapper, whose legal name is Earl Simmons, showed up 30 minutes late for his own bail hearing at Manhattan Federal Court. He was sporting a Def Leppard t-shirt.

An angry Judge Jed Rakoff said the rapper tested positive for cocaine and marijuana four times during the four weeks he was out on bail, and that the 46-year-old, who was dressed in a blue tie-dyed Def Leppard T-shirt, violated bail “probably more times than I can even remember” in such a short period of time.

“He does have a rap sheet that does suggest more than a passing acquaintance with illegal drugs and more than a passing acquaintance with hand guns,” Rakoff said.

But the judge continued to show mercy on DMX, ordering him to home detention with an electronic ankle bracelet rather than locking him up.

“I’m going to not detain him in jail, although a very strong argument could be made for detaining him in jail,” Rakoff said, adding that he believes too many people are locked up before trial.

Rakoff dismissed DMX with a warning.

In post-hearing footage posted by TMZ, the rapper took to a nearby hot dog stand to rejoice and buy a round of dogs for the paps.

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