Eazy E

Eazy E

*More than 30 years after Eazy-E founded Ruthless Records as a platform for his rap group, N.W.A., his widow and son are slugging it out in court over who controls the Ruthless name, reports Variety.

E’s widow Tomica Woods-Wright has owned the company since her late husband’s death. On Tuesday, she filed a federal trademark infringement suit against her stepson, Eric Darnell Wright, a.k.a. “Lil Eazy-E.”

The suit alleges that Lil Eazy-E and his business partner, Arnold White, have set up a website — ruthlessrecordsinc.com — in which they claim to be doing business as Ruthless Records. The site promotes concerts and offers Ruthless Records t-shirts for sale. The site also claims that Ruthless Records Inc. was “founded by legendary gangsta rap artist Eazy-E.”

According to the suit, White and Lil Eazy-E tried to trademark “Ruthless Records Inc.” in 2016, but the application was rejected because it was too similar to Ruthless Records.

The suit also alleges that the pair incorporated as NWA-LLC, and are also infringing on the N.W.A trademark.