Mel B. Fights For Eddie Murphy

HOLLYWOOD, CA – NOVEMBER 13: Melanie “Mel B” Brown and her daughters (L-R) Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Phoenix Chi Gulzar and Madison Brown Belafonte attend the grand opening of Sugar Factory Hollywood on November 13, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

*Eddie Murphy is said to be supporting Mel B in an attempt to stop her estranged ex Stephan Belafonte from seeing their daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

Eddie has been dragged into Mel’s divorce drama, and her three children (one with Stephen, one from her prior marriage, and one with Murphy) are getting sucked into the circus as well.

According to reports, Murphy’s daughter Angel is currently at the center of Mel and Stephen’s divorce dispute. Belafonte has asked a judge to grant him the right to file for legal access to not just his biological daughter, 5-year-old Madison Brown Belafonte, but also access to Eddie’s 10-year-old daughter. He believes it would be in Angel’s best interest since he’s the one who has raised her from a very young age and not Eddie.

And a judge agrees with him.

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Mel B. Fights For Eddie Murphy

Last week, Los Angeles Superior Court’s Judge Lawrence Riff granted Stephen’s request to file for access “if, and only if, another judge will later find that is what is in the best interest” of Angel. His lawyer Michael Hanasab said Belafonte “has been the parent that has raised this minor child since an infant.”

The DailyMail reports that Mel’s lawyer Susan Wiesner pleaded for Angel’s involvement to be kept private.

“We have got another parent here, we have got Eddie Murphy. If the court’s going to give him notice of proceedings and embroiling him in litigation, then we are putting his little girl in the middle of this media firestorm.” She asked for Angel to remain “the last one in this family that can have protection and privacy.”

Mel married Stephen two months after giving birth to Angel. She dated Eddie briefly in 2006. He accused her of getting pregnant on purpose and said they only had sex three times. Eddie originally denied Angel was his and demanded a DNA test — which confirmed that he was. Mel B later stated that Murphy and his daughter developed a bond.