*XLrator Media will be releasing the documentary RED WHITE BLACK & BLUE ODYSSEY on VOD and iTunes on August 15th and EURweb has an exclusive clip to share with you. Check it out above.

RED WHITE BLACK & BLUE ODYSSEY chronicles the ICEF Rugby Program in South Los Angeles, as head coach and founder Stuart Krohn brings the sport of rugby to Inner City high school boys and girls, taking them around the world to compete against international teams.

Students from South Los Angeles fly to New Zealand to play Rugby. A sport that is increasingly popular in the United States, the tour provides these students and the Kiwi teams they battle a rare opportunity to dig beneath the surface of things. On the field, troubled histories melt away, and we see boys rise as men; girls lead as women stronger for facing up to a challenge. ‘Red, White, Black and Blue’ provides a sensitive take on a rough game: it blends on-field triumph with off-field tragedy. If the spirit of these teens is any indication, the Olympic Rugby Gold Medal – currently held by the United States since it was last an Olympic sport in 1924 – may just be defensible after all.

This exclusive clip documents the importance and heartfelt reason as to why Stuart Krohn, coach and founder, started this program. Rugby players, Cameron and Nia, who speak about their hard work, passion and love for the game.


TRAILER: https://youtu.be/7Ufkm8qfUJ8