evelyn lozada & carl crawford

*We’re getting more info on that split between Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford. It was reported they broke up because of his infidelity.

Now, we’re hearing that it waaay more than just plain ol’ cheating. It seems Mr. Crawford getting his cookies by throwing serious off-season parties with women to have sex with, according to a Bossip report.

“Girls would be looking forward to CC parties every off season,” one of the women who attended parties in 2016 told Bossip exclusively. “He would pay to fly girls out, put them up in hotels, two to a room. A girl could make $2500 a night just for dancing and if he liked you he would bring you back the next night. If he REALLY liked you, you could make even more money to do a little extra.”

Evelyn and Carl call it quits

Evelyn & Carl

The Bossip source claims Crawford held parties in Phoenix and Houston during the baseball off season. The insider says Crawford even provided the girls with makeup artists, to make sure they’d look their best for him and his friends. Crawford also made sure the attendees abided by a strict policy of no phones and no social media.

“It would be him and like five or six of his boys — his real friends, not other ballers with money,” Bossip’s source added. “Everyone was on molly, especially him.”

So the bottom liune question was asked about Crawford: “Did he have sex with the women at the parties?” and the answer was: “Yes. With multiple girls.”

The source goes on to say it wasn’t hard for girls to make over $10K in one weekend, adding that the parties were often two-night events and it wasn’t unheard of for Crawford to throw parties back to back weekends.

So far there’s been no response to these allegations from Crawford as of this posting.