maurice symonette

*We’ve got more info on the “Blacks for Trump” guy, Maurice Symonette. In case you forgot, he’s the one who made sure you saw his antics went he was seated in back of Trump at 45’s Phoenix campaign rally on Tuesday.

Maybe Trump and his people might want to check out the people they put in strategic places so it doesn’t come back to bite ’em like this character. That’s because Symonette is considered to be so “out there,” that his former peeps in a cult, accused of murdering several people, don’t want nothing to do with him.

Here’s the backstory: Members of the cult Yahweh ben Yahweh were tried for conspiracy to commit murder in the ’90s. Symonette, was also charged but was eventually acquitted.

Famed attorney Jayne Weintraub, who repped not only cult leader Hulon Mitchell, Jr. but also Symonette, informed TMZ that the cult has absolutely no affiliation with Symonette anymore, nor do they want any.

“Mr. Symonette’s voice is his own personal views and should not be a reflection or associated with the Nation of Yahweh,” says Weintraub

Well dang, that says a lot about dude.

On the other hand, Symonette does have a fan in Peter Boykin. Who is he? Well, Boykin is the president of “Gays for Trump,” another misguided bunch showing support for the orange a-hole who shown he doesn’t give 2 sh*ts about gays. Anyway, we digress.


Boykin, believes Trump and his team allowed the bizarre “Blacks for Trump” guy to sit behind him because they liked the message on his t-shirt and sign but never dug further.

OK, we can believe that.

Boykin — who runs the pro-Trump LGBT group — essentially says, “What’s a President to do?” You see a cool tee and you run with it.

However, TMZ points out the obvious problem … had Trump’s people simply logged on to (which was written on the sign), they would have seen all the craziness … comparing Cherokees to the KKK, calling Oprah the devil, and putting Hillary and ISIS in the same boat.

Boykin says he’s met Symonette, and says he’s a good guy.