Joycelyn Savage (Facebook)

Joycelyn Savage (Facebook)

*Joycelyn Stewart’s family has reportedly lawyered up in an attempt to extract the 21-year-old from the clutches of R. Kelly, whom they claim is holding her in a sex cult.

According to TMZ, Savage’s parents have hired attorneys Gerald A. Griggs and Leif Howard in their “effort to seek the safe return” of their daughter from the singer.

As previously reported, Joycelyn’s father, Timothy, believes the singer has a stable of underage women that Kelly has brainwashed and abused.

The Savages say they’re concerned for Joycelyn’s health and safety and reiterate they haven’t seen her for almost a year.

Griggs says he plans to contact R. Kelly’s reps and work with them to get Joycelyn back to her family, despite her being of legal age.