Rick Ross SIngleton

Freeway Rick Ross & John Singleton

*Freeway Rick Ross appears to have someone other than the Rapper Rick Ross taking leniency with his life story, and involvement in the Iran Contra.

In the new FX series “Snowfall” about a black kid involved with cocaine, the government, and Nicaraguans (an odd similarity to Ross life) John Singleton tells a story about the rise of crack in LA. The reviews haven’t been great The Hollywood Reporter stated:

The other parts of Snowfall may come together in time, but after four meandering and sometimes confusing hours, it’s easy to lose interest. And if this series is not addictive after four hours, with all the competition it faces, will it ever be?

But is it at least authentic?  Freeway Rick stated this to Hip Hop DX

I didn’t watch [Snowfall]. I’m boycotting it,” Ross told Trent and Jake. “John [Singleton] he bought my book. He knows me very well and that he would do a [sic] movie about crack in the 80s and not come consult with me. Me and him had lunch together before he talked about the story. That he would go out and do a [project] of this nature. It was kind of like a slap in the face,” he added.

Ross, who is currently a parolee, said that despite his relationship with the famed director, he found out about the show the same way as the rest of us did.

“He didn’t [mention anything about Snowfall when we met] I read about it in the newspaper. Matter fact when I met with The Weinsteins’ Company, one of the things that they were concerned about was him doing Snowfall because it’s so closely related but lucky for me everyone knows it’s not the real story. It’s far from the real story and I’ve been getting good feedback from a lot of people saying that the story was far-fetched and almost unbelievable it’s so fake.” Noted Ross, who did note that Singleton’s people reached out to him after the first season was in the can.