r kelly-performing - hand on crotch

*R. Kelly is getting a taste of what it feels like to NOT be wanted. However, his concert touring company, Live Nation, has got his back.

Protecting their interest, Live Nation has essentially said “absolutely not!” to a request from Fulton County, Georgia, officials to cancel R. Kelly’s upcoming concert in the Atlanta area, according to a BuzzFeed report.

As we reported, the controversial singer/writer made headlines last month after parents told police that the singer was operating a “cult” of young women in his Atlanta home.

Because of his controversial and shady past as well as the recent “cult” accusations, members of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners met on Friday to discuss “grave concerns” about R. Kelly’s upcoming Aug. 25 performance at Wolf Creek Amphitheater. The board asked Live Nation, which holds exclusive rights to the venue’s performances, to cancel the concert “on moral grounds.”

A letter written by a board attorney reads:

“Based on allegations reported in various news media regarding the artist, the citizens of Fulton County have expressed their collective concerns that Live Nation would allow this artist to perform at a venue that is supported in part by taxpayers.”

The bottom line is that Live Nation could care less and declined to cancel the show. They’s got money invested in the performer. It’s that simple … as far as they are concerned.

A spokesperson for Live Nation told BuzzFeed, “The show is proceeding. No comment beyond that.”

R. Kelly critics have continued to oppose the Atlanta concert. A local activist recently created the Twitter hashtag “#MuteRKelly.”