*It appears that R. Kelly has got the attention of some powerful folks in Georgia and it looks like the notorious R&B singer could find himself under investigation.

If he doesn’t already know, R. Kelly needs to find out who John Eaves is. That’s because Eaves is the Fulton County Commission Chairman and he’s calling for a criminal investigation of the Grammy-winning R&B singer,

Chairman Eaves is citing new evidence uncovered by Johns Creek police around allegations that Kelly held women against their will in a north Fulton County house.

Allegations of Kelly holding women against their will surfaced in a BuzzFeed story in July which said that the 50-year-old singer “held women against their will in a cult” at a house he was renting in Johns Creek. The story cited several named and unnamed sources who the author says were close to Kelly.

Should R. Kelly also be concerned about an investigation by Eaves?  Absolutely. Aside from the foregoing, Eaves, could have another motive for going after the singer: he’s also running for mayor of Atlanta and bagging Kelly would be a HUGE notch on his belt, so to speak. But even if he doesn’t, the publicity will still serve him well.

Meanwhile, Eaves is holding a press conference Friday morning to explain why he is demanding an investigation, reports AJC.com.

john eaves - r kelly

John Eaves and R. Kelly

“A detailed local investigation by the John Creek Police Department has provided key information that we believe is enough evidence that gives the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office all it needs to advance a criminal investigation of the well-known allegations,” Eaves said in a statement ahead of the press conference.

Of course Kelly and attorneys representing him have vehemently denied the allegations.

Parents of one Atlanta woman who is living with R. Kelly, Jocelyn Savage, held a press conference on July 17 outside of the house Kelly formerly rented just hours after the BuzzFeed story was released. Savage’s father Tim said that his daughter was “being held against her will” and the last time he saw her she was in “a horrible condition.”

Savage, 21, has since made two videos – released to TMZ – saying she’s fine and in a “happy place.”

Kelly is scheduled to play at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater in College Park on Aug. 25. The venue is owned by Fulton County but managed by LiveNation. The Fulton County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to send a letter to Live Nation requesting the cancellation of the upcoming concert. Live Nation said the concert will take place as scheduled, but has declined further comment.