*When it comes to Colin Kaepernick, if you thought George Foreman was a hater, you’re right. On top of that, he said not only was Kap not a patriot, neither is Kevin Durant.

Foreman, 68, was on the “Offended America” podcast and said that that people like Kaepernick, who refuse to stand for the national anthem, are just looking for attention.

“I love the United States,” Foreman said. “They [Kevin Durant and Colin Kaepernick] haven’t been brought up with people who were patriotic.”

He added, “A lot of people died so that they can have that privilege.”



OK, so we know why he has a problem with Colin Kaepernick, but what did Kevin Durant do or say that rubbed him the wrong way? Nothing other than recently saying he would not go to the White House if the NBA champion Golden State Warriors are invited.

“I don’t respect who’s in office right now,” was Durant’s quote.

Of course Foreman didn’t think that was very patriotic Durant because in his day, athletes were appreciative of the privileges to which they had been born (whatever that means).

“We came in the era we were patriotic. The greatest day of my life was when I put on the colors, representing the United States,” he said, referencing his time competing in the Olympics.

Foreman finally let the podcast’s listeners in on why he’s such a fan of Donald Trump. Back when he was going through bankruptcy, Trump helped him by sponsoring a Pay-Per-View fight in 1991.

Trump is “a good president,” says his fan, George Foreman.