*Besides what you see on TV, as far as what’s going on in Houston, you might want to hear from some folks on the ground.

That’s what  TMZ did when they spoke with Baby Bash and Paul Wall. The two H-town rappers say the city has fallen victim to chaos and destruction in the wake of Hurricane Harvey … but they’re leading by example on how folks can help.

Both describe what many people are already seeing in the news … flooded streets, homes destroyed and displaced residents.

Baby Bash — who’s stuck in his own home, says there are creative ways people can help from afar, even if you’re short on money. He also explains how anarchy has started to run amok in the city … which includes a story about his dad, a truck and a CVS ATM. Check out what he has to say, above.

As for Paul Wall, he’s got some ideas of his own on how people can chip in — which he’s also promoting on his Instagram account.

Still, he can’t help but acknowledge the power of cold, hard cash.


In other Hurricane Harvey news coming out of Houston …

Chris Paul is putting his money where his mouth is — writing $75,000 in checks to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The NBA star — who was just traded to the Houston Rockets — heeded charity calls from both J.J. Watt and Kevin Hart.

Watt confirmed CP3 donated $50k to the Houston Flood Relief Fund — putting the NFL star over his initial fundraising goal of $500,000.

Kevin Hart had also challenged celebs to donate to the American Red Cross — and Paul stepped up with a $25,000 donation.

Together, J.J. and Kev have raised more than $850k toward flood relief.

Good job, gentlemen! However, with an emergency of this magnitude, more stars and people are going to have to step up and give.