*In the internet age, celebrities have had to change their approach in order to get noticed. And, these days, it’s the stars who have used social media to their advantage who are often the most successful.

In the past, TV and movies were seen as the main forms of entertainment, but in a recent study from the Hollywood Reporter it was found that social networking sites are now held in a higher regard than the former leaders.

In fact, respondents claimed that they spent around eight hours per week visiting sites like Facebook and Twitter, but only four hours watching movies. Celebrities have had to adapt to these changing tides.

Social media is considered as one of the ten most important inventions which brought us together, with things like the internet and the telephone preceding it in the timeline. It all started way back in 1997 with a site called Six Degrees, designed by Andrew Weinreich. It only lasted a few years but it paved the way for more successful sites such as MySpace and Facebook. The now world-famous site founded by Mark Zuckerberg began in 2004, and only had 1 million registered users in its first year. As of 2017, there are nearly 2 billion monthly active users, which is almost a third of the Earth’s total population.

Nowadays, 93% of marketers use social media for business. And celebrities have realized that they can market themselves in the same way. In the past, celebrities were almost seen as gods, who existed on some form of higher plane than us regular folk. But through using apps like Twitter, the stars have been able to get in touch with their fan base and become more accessible, while at the same time showing that they are also normal people. Pop singers like Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber frequently respond to fans on Twitter, sometimes say happy birthday to followers, and also retweet certain messages.

Ariana Grande is a prime example of a more recent sensation who has made a name for herself using social media. She is highly active on both Instagram and Twitter, and has even been known to get into in-depth direct message conversations with some fans. The swift organisation of the recent One Love Manchester concert highlights what strong reach the 24-year-old has using these channels. The only female singer who could come close to Grande now is Taylor Swift, who is renowned for developing strong relationships and interacting with fans through her numerous social media accounts.

Quite frankly, any singers or actors who aren’t highly active on social media these days are at risk of fading to nothing. Not only does it serve to build rapport with the loyal fan base, it is also the best way to spread the news about future concerts, albums, films, or TV series. To anyone who wants to follow in the footsteps of these celebrities, make sure you know how to keep your Twitter and Instagram accounts up to date.