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Insecure’s” showrunner Prentice Penny took to social media to address an article penned by former VIBE writer Jozen Cummings about the several instances he noticed sex scenes on “Insecure” and there not being a condom present.


The write-up appears at Very Smart Brothas — where Cummings writes:

“This season when Issa and Lawrence have their moment of breakup sex, once again there is no mention or showing of a condom. Again it was noticeable, but in that scene, it wasn’t difficult to believe that a couple who has been together for years would skip safe sex and take their chances with each other. Even if we take into consideration what Lawrence had been doing with Tasha, sex—especially in heated moments like the one we saw between Issa and Lawrence—gets risqué.

But after last episode’s sex scene between Eddie and Issa, in which there is once again no mention or showing of a condom, I have to wonder why such a detail has been left out by the writers.”

Penny took to Twitter to defend the show’s support of condoms:

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On Monday (Aug. 14) show creator Issa Rae took to Twitter to inform fans the writers have frequent safe-sex conversations and make a point to at least allude to it in the show:

Are you a fan of the show? Do you feel there’s a “condom issue” that the writers need to address?