Issa Rae (L) and Solange Knowles (Getty Images)

Issa Rae (L) and Solange Knowles

*Issa Rae and Solange Knowles joined forces on Friday to help a business owner save her restaurant from going out of business.

The pair hosted the fundraising event “Wind and Grind” to help Los Angeles-based chef Alisa Reynolds, whose soul food spot, My Two Cents, was facing a $130,000 lawsuit, reports HuffPost. In July, she created a GoFundMe to help settle the ordeal.

“For the past two years, I have suffered in silence because of a legal battle. Honestly, I am facing the biggest obstacle of my professional life,” she wrote, noting that the lawsuit stems from early backers of her business who she said “misunderstood the culinary process.”

“If I do not raise $130,000 by August 15, 2017, I may no longer be able to continue working at 2 Cents LA,” she continued. “My absence will affect the other 17 beautiful people who work with me and pour their hearts and souls into the food that they prepare each day.”

Rae and Solange heard about Reynolds’ plight and jumped into action, organizing a fundraiser dinner at a secret location with the help of the singer’s company Saint Heron.

Kelly Rowland and Melina Matsouka were recruited as co-hosts and the event quickly sold out. Beyoncé, Jay Z, Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and other stars also made an appearance.

Los Angeles-based attendee Jessica Washington told HuffPost that the event was “magical.”

“Saint Heron’s Wine and Grind was a magical night I’ll always cherish,” she said. “The room was filled with genuine love and support for Chef Alisa, and a reminder of how powerful sisterhood can be when we all come together to uplift one another. Hearing Solange and Kelly Rowland rave about Chef Alisa firsthand was adoring. And I can’t blame them because her food was amazing.”

All proceeds from Wine and Grind are going to Reynolds’ restaurant. The amount raised has yet to be disclosed.

View pics from Friday’s event below.