Professor Jane Elliott has been addressing the issue of race and racism for decades. For many Caucasians especially, her class and lectures are difficult to hear, but they have thrust her onto an international stage.

*Some things bear repeating. Like this video of professor Jane Elliott reprimanding a Caucasian student who couldn’t handle being treated the way Elliott says Black folk are treated by racists every day.

The video shows an excerpt of what happened in Elliott’s Racism Class, and obviously, its a class that offers a pill that difficult for white people to swallow.

Elliott has been described using many labels — including one that’s thrown out whenever folks feel somewhat threatened.


In plain sight, this woman takes no prisoners and has been outspoken on many topics (Google her); but the tough one she is most recognized for is racism. In her Racism Class she even breaks the act down into subtitles ; one of which is called white ignorance.

This particular video excerpt shows mainly Caucasian students. You can see from their reactions her lesson is a difficult one. She is posing examples of how racism makes a person feel.

But its the turn that the class takes that prompted this article.

As Elliott teaches, she becomes openly offended by one student — a white woman — who continues to raise her hand while the teacher is talking.

Big mistake.

…and one that Elliot doesn’t excuse.

Now, without knowing what fully occurred prior to where the video starts, we hear Elliott snap: “Your hand is still up! You still didn’t learn anything, did you? Didn’t I just say that when your hand is up, you are thinking about what you’re going to say instead of what’s being said?”

“Yes,” the woman responds.

Elliott then asks the student a direct question, elaborating on what she has already laid down; and when the student doesn’t respond with the required “yes” or “no” answer, Elliot goes in hard.

The student, obviously frustrated, accuses the teacher of “persecuting” two students who dared to “speak out” earlier and dissolves into a meltdown when she feels she is not being heard.

This was Elliot’s point all along; using racism as the culprit…which the woman obviously can’t handle.

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