Jocelyn Savage and R. Kelly

Jocelyn Savage and R. Kelly

*The family of R. Kelly’s alleged cult victim, Joycelyn Savage, is reportedly desperate to see her this weekend during his tour stop in Atlanta, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears, according to TMZ.

Gerald Griggs, the attorney for Joycelyn’s family, says they’ve reached out to the entertainer multiple times to facilitate a meeting between her and her parents. Kelly is due to perform tonight (Aug 25), and Griggs says Joycelyn’s family believes she travels with him on his tour bus, reports TMZ.

The family believes this is their only shot to meet face-to-face with their daughter after not seeing her for a long time, considering the current allegations against Kelly.

They’re asking for the meeting to take place at Griggs’ office, a hotel, or another neutral place. They also want the meeting to be private, without Kelly or his assistants present.

Meanwhile, protests against Kelly have been organized to take place outside of tonight’s venue, Wolf Creek Amphitheater, but the Savages won’t be among them, according to TMZ.

Also, they have het to hear back from Kelly’s camp.