Khao Opens Exclusive Catalogue to Indie Artists

*Not long ago, Kevin “Khao” Cates resided atop the music industry as one of hip-hop’s premier super producers. The Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum hit-maker is behind some of the biggest records to date for artists like T.I., Ludacris, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, R. Kelly and others.

After stepping away from the industry to give back to the community, he is now giving back to music by providing a service that will change the game for independent artists seeking to catapult their careers.

Enter Khao Music Vault, a state of the art program that offers exclusive access to the award- winning producer’s private catalog of platinum quality beats. As a member, not only can artists lease top notch beats at affordable prices, but they also become part of the Khao Music Group (KMG) network, linking them to high level performers and experts who can help them break into the business.

“I am from Montgomery, AL and there were not many opportunities for high-level aid.  “We had our own culture, but there were no outlets to propel us to the next level. Although people like me and Rick Rock (pioneer of the hyphy movement) had to leave in order to make it, it was always near and dear to my heart to something give back. This service is to give back to those in smaller markets who have less support. ”

The vault has three levels of membership – Starter, Gold and Platinum.  The Starter Package will get subscribers discounts on tracks, a monthly newsletter and music placement opportunities. For a bit more, the Gold and Platinum Packages will provide bigger discounts on tracks, industry professional critique, major label A&R review, consulting services and many other benefits. Subscribers can select the plan that best suits their needs or budget.

“We will be doing a master class once a month where artists can talk to me and get tips first-hand. We will provide consulting, and give out distribution deals through SONY,” Khao said. “Everything from development, offering guidance, providing platforms and access to put them in position is what the Khao music vault is all about.”

While he prefers to keep a low profile these days, Khao reminds people that he has more than 30 million records sold through his innovative endeavors and power moves with major corporations. He has recently struck deals with top television networks for music placement, and even has a song on Disney Radio with teenage phenom Miss Lela Brown.

Still, it has always been Khao’s mantra to be not only successful, but significant.

To further that mission, proceeds from Khao Music Vault will go towards his national 501-c3 non-profit organization, Bridge DA Gap (BDG), which infuses music with education and mentoring to teach urban and at-risk youth valuable social and life skills. BDG has been implemented in many schools across the country, including the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

“What I am doing has never been done to this level,” he said. “Most producers of my caliber wouldn’t make a move like this to open up their top-shelf music to an independent artist. Even if an artist has talent, there are always gatekeepers. With us, we wipe that out. If you have real talent, you get paid and you get exposure.”

He continued: “Since I started my non-profit, it hit me that if I am going to raise money to do good for our youth, I should explore every avenue. I am going to take the best that I have and constantly give it to the people so they have better opportunities and better music.”

To learn more about Khao Music Vault, visit To learn more about Bridge DA Gap, visit For an interview with Khao, contact Ivan Thomas at 202-904-4790 or [email protected].

“Don’t be good, be great.”




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