LeBron James

LeBron James

*With the Internet still laughing over his first shirtless workout video, LeBron James mocks his mockers with the release of a second bare-chested video of himself in the gym.

This time, the Cleveland Cavaliers star raps, sings and laughs at his haters while Meek Mill’s new “Wins & Losses” album blasts in the background.

LeBron’s first gym video went viral, coming days after his team took an L in the NBA Finals. It has been ridiculed on social media, and recently by NBA rival Steph Curry, who famously mimicked Bron’s weird choreography and facial grimaces while at a wedding…although he called the mimicry “an homage.”

Watch LeBron’s latest gym selfie video below:

The first one…

Steph Curry’s version…