Karen King

Karen King

*After Karen King’s mugshot was dragged mercilessly following her arrest for allegedly skipping car payments, the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star took to social media with an explanation.

As previously reported, King was in court Monday on another matter when the clerk announced she had an outstanding warrant for the car case. Accused of ignoring payments on her Maserati, she was arrested on the spot.

And then this surfaced…

After social media had a field day with her mugshot, King filmed a minute-long video lashing out at the media attention surrounding her arrest and defending the state of her hair.

“TMZ gossipin’. Yes my hair was braided down,” she snapped. “I’m not on crack. That’s how a b**ch hair look when it’s braided down for a weave, or a f**kin’ wig, whatever.

“It was braided down! So what! I look crazy! Yall know I ain’t on crack! The f**k?”

She also denied missing any of her car payments.

Watch below: