Wayne Welsh and the racist meme he shared on Facebook

Wayne Welsh and the racist meme he shared on Facebook

*The assistant chief of the Estherwood, La., Police Department tendered his resignation on Tuesday after he was caught sharing a racist meme on Facebook and tried several times to defend the post amid backlash.

On Monday, Wayne Welsh shared a meme that shows a white mother pushing her daughter’s head into a tub full of water with the words, “When your daughter’s first crush is a little Negro boy.”

KATC’s original report on the story left out the officer’s name because he had not been charged with a crime, but Black Twitter doesn’t adhere to such rules. User @Freeyourmindkid tracked down the post and shared screenshots of the page belonging to Welsh.

“When I found out about it, I couldn’t believe I had to call him. I called him at work and asked him what the hell is going on.” said Estherwood Police Chief Ernest Villejoin. “I got him out yesterday. I suspended him and I was going to take the phone away and he was not allowed to get on Facebook in the unit.”


According to KATC, Welsh did eventually take the post down and issued an apology.

“Well, I posted something on Facebook that made a lot of people mad,” he wrote. “Well, I’m sorry for what happen. Ya have a blessed day.”

The previous day, however, he was doubling down on the offensive post.

“It’s not against the law to share something on Facebook. It’s social media. Internet,” he posted.

“I shared somebody else’s posts and everybody mad at me again,” he wrote. “So Facebook police mad at me.”

He also posted about the “race card” and how people want to say he’s a “bad guy.”