*New Yorkers, you gotta love ’em. Apparently they’ve seen it all before. It takes a lot to get their attention so just because a guy walked on the train with a big-ass peacock bird…you know the one: about 8-feet tall, beautiful colors, extremely long tail, don’t expect them to actually look up from what they’re doing.

…and that’s OK by the bird. He is awkwardly unfazed as well.

I mean, the only reason I know is because the sight certainly got the attention of one guy named Matt Chayes. He took a photo and tweeted…

Midday on the @NYCTSubway. Guy walks onto a train with this….(Be patient. You’ll see!)

The collective “we” out here in cyber-land certainly paid attention. Matt’s tweet garnered 25,318 likes and 7,173 re-tweets.

But look, the picture also shows the people on the subway looking like they could give a you-know-what. A man and woman in the forefront are both looking down at  their phones. Even the woman standing by the subway door doesn’t appear to be looking at the unusual site. The brother sitting behind definitely is. Hey, let’s just say we don’t just let mess like this pass us by.

And here’s another kicker — when MTA was made aware of the situation, and shown the photo, look at what they tweeted to Matt.

if possible, can you please provide more details about this incident?


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