*A new report from the Daily Mail makes apparently just how messy the divorce situation is between Mary J. Blige and Martin “Kendu” Isaacs.

On August 8, the singer/actress filed an Income and Expense Declaration in a Los Angeles after she was given a temporary order to pay him $30,000 a month.

Blige, 46, filed for divorce from Isaacs in July last year, citing irreconcilable differences after nearly 13 years of marriage. Isaacs later demanded spousal support claiming the star left him with ‘no source of income.’

In docs obtained by the Daily Mail, it was learned that Blige brings in around $326,930 a month. The bulk of that income is from royalties and earnings from her production company.

On the other hand, Blige owes the government “unpaid back taxes of approximately $6.5 million for the years 2008 through 2016,” says the legal document.

The report says singer made a note of her debt after reporting a change in income due to a “large reduction in my royalties” over the past year.


Mary J. Blige

image via TMZ

Meanwhile, expense records show she currently pays $14,000 a month for her Los Angeles rental and $2,340 for her two Mercedes-Benz.

As far as Isaacs, who formerly served as Blige’s manager, he had a gross monthly income of $43,977 based on commissions.

Following Blige’s divorce filing, he claimed his estranged wife’s decision to fire him has left him with ‘no source of income.’

In June, a judge ordered the 46-year-old to pay Isaacs temporary spousal support of $30,000 per month. He had originally sought $130,000.

He wanted the Grammy winning songstress to help him pay for expensive meals out, a housekeeper and to generally help him maintain his ‘lavish lifestyle.’

According to his court papers Isaacs specifically wanted Blige to cover the majority of the $116,250 he spends per month. He also wants her to cough up $5,000 a month to support his parents and $4,971 a month in support for his two children from a past relationship.

The report goes on to say Blige had been fighting against Issacs’ request, accusing him of blowing money on his “girlfriend” and claiming it as business expenses.

As we reported earlier, Isaacs was reportedly in an affair with Blige’s protege, Starshell. You can read the rest of the report at the Daily Mail.