*I’ve got an honest question for you: Why do these young b*tches who still want to hang out and party continue to allow themselves to get pregnant?

This is harsh language I know, and I don’t apologize for it. I, we, have heard way too many stories lately of children being killed by parents who 1) never wanted them anyway, or 2) hurt or killed these innocent babies because of spouses or ex’es who now hate each other.

Damn you!

Ashley Denise Attson, 23, is one of them. You may have heard that last September she did the horrendous deed  of wheeling her 17-month-old girl out into the Navajo Nation desert, where she LEFT THE CHILD FOR FOUR DAYS AND FOUR NIGHTS. 

In the interim, she went out and partied with her friends. She returned four days later to retrieve the body (or what was left of it) and then buried the child in an animal hole.

Yeah. I know. Suddenly my opening statement doesn’t seem so harsh, does it?

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