Tenichia Wafford

Tenichia Wafford (TMZ)

*Hours after New Orleans rapper Michael “Mystikal” Tyler turned himself in on suspected rape charges based on DNA evidence, his alleged accomplice insists she has proof that the accuser is lying about her allegations.

Tenichia Wafford, who was arrested, herself, on accusations that she pressured the alleged victim to drop the case, says she has an audio recording of the accuser admitting that she lied about her allegations that Mystikal and another man raped her in October of last year in Louisiana.

Wafford also explains in a video that she called the accuser – not to pressure her into recanting, but to get the woman’s truthful account of what happened.

“I was just calling checking up on a friend. That’s all I was doing,” Wafford says. “She trying to protect her boyfriend because she ditched him all night to be with another ni**a. Now all of a sudden somebody hurt her, but when I called her and asked her if somebody hurt her, she said ain’t nobody hurt her. So now all of a sudden I got a charge because I called her. I called a friend to ask her, ‘Are you okay?’”

According to TMZ, police believe Wafford was acting as Mystikal’s accomplice in attempting to strong-arm the alleged victim into dropping the charges.

Watch Wafford’s account below: