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*Former ‘RHOA’ star Phaedra Parks has been the target of online criticism and harassment from fans over one of her mansions.

On Saturday, news broke that Parks may be having financial woes, so she decided to lease her beautiful estate located in Buckhead, Georgia.

She reportedly purchased the home for $1.91 million last October and is attempting to rent it because “her six figures annually, appears to be gone now that she is reportedly no longer on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Those who can afford the $10,556 a month price tag could live it up in the six bedroom, nine bathroom property that also boasts a modern kitchen, pool, and more.

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denies she's broke

A few hours after the story was published on the Atlanta Journal Constitution website, the attorney and mother-of-two took to Twitter to blast the blogger and the fans who were mocking her about being broke.

“Rumors my house is for lease is a lie. You’re so trifling & need a place to stay I may consider letting u use my guest house. Going bk to my vacay. #MarthasVineyard #unbothered.”

She went on to say: “While you are away trifling people always try to play. I’m in #MarthasVineyard–Bih you can’t…”

Many were shocked when her former ‘RHOA’ co-star Nene Leakes and rapper Nicki Minaj decided to jump in and to back Parks in her war of words.

Phaedra also took to Instagram to share some of the pictures from her trip to Martha’s Vineyard, a Massachusetts island.

One person laughed at her by saying: “Is that your unbothered pose? Isn’t she a lawyer? She should be earning more than enough to maintain her home.”

Another user shared a few words of encouragement: “Don’t let these haters bother you! Still your biggest fan. Wish you and your family all the happiness in the world.”

Meanwhile, some fans were puzzled to see Leakes showing support for Parks. One person said: “She still a liar though…never forgets lol. Nene fake asf she know damn well she hates Fakedra.”

Another added: “Obviously, you are bothered if you felt the need to even respond to the so called rumor.”

And yet another user wrote: “Umm @neneleakes ??? Weren’t u just saying when someone asked about phae u said ask Porsha? K”

Are you surprised to see NeNe Leakes being nice and defending Phaedra Parks?