Dana Loesch - NRA

Dana Loesch – NRA

*The National Rifle Association has been radio silent regarding Philando Castile, the 32-year-old, African American registered gun owner who was shot and killed by a Minnesota cop last July.

But Thursday morning saw a flurry of tweets from NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch that appear to blame Castile for his own death.

First she argued that Castile was not legally carrying his handgun at the time of the shooting, because he was also in possession of marijuana. Although Castile informed Officer Jeronimo Yanez that he had a concealed handgun and was reaching for his wallet, he was technically in violation of Minnesota’s concealed carry law at the time, said Loesch.

Loesch, a white woman, also said that things might have gone differently if she’d been in Castile’s shoes, because she’d taken classes on how a concealed carry holder should act around police.

When the Washington Examiner first reported on Loesch’s tweets Thursday, the NRA rep again took to Twitter to clarify that she was simply making observations as a private citizen, and not commenting in the capacity of an NRA spokeswoman.