As previously reported, three more people have accused Usher of giving them herpes, and they’ve all retained celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom in filing a lawsuit against the singer.

One of them, Quantasia Sharpton, appeared with Bloom in a press conference this morning (Aug 7) to state how Usher picked her out of a crowd at one of his concerts, got her number, went to her hotel and had sex with her without disclosing he allegedly had genital herpes.

Sharpton said she was celebrating her 19th birthday at the concert and wearing a birthday crown when contacted by Usher’s security.

Sharpton says she’s tested negative for herpes, but still feels violated. Bloom says one of her other two clients has tested positive for herpes, and that she has been contacted by other alleged victims and may file additional lawsuits.

Bloom says one of the things she wants is a court order forcing Usher to reveal to his future sex partners that he has an STD, allegedly.

Watch below:

Usher is also facing a separate lawsuit by another woman for $20 million over the same allegations.