Prince and George Boxill (Getty Images)

Prince and George Boxill

*Prince’s former sound engineer, George Boxill, has reportedly made a $10 million offer to the late singer’s estate for outright ownership of Prince’s valuable music vault…but was turned down flat, according to TMZ.

Boxill claims Prince gave him the masters and the rights to a number of his published songs, which Boxill also claims he co-wrote.

The songs have been at the center of ongoing litigation, but Boxill says the estate recently admitted in open court that he does indeed have the right to release the tracks and profit from them. This is a dramatic turn, since the estate actually got an injunction that derailed Boxill from releasing all but one song. Boxill is aggressively trying to get the injunction overturned, reports TMZ.

There were reports that Jay-Z offered $40 million for the vault, but TMZ is reporting that the total was far less, and for Prince’s entire catalog.

Universal went forward with a $31 million offer for the entire catalog but the deal fell apart.