*Reggie Van Lee, a recently retired Executive Vice President at a Houston consulting firm, is making headlines for moving out of his home in the city’s River Oaks area after building this 20,000 square foot estate for himself, his three sisters and their families.

Lee —who was a performer in the Alvin Ailey Dance Company — said he “built this house for not just my immediate family but for my extended family including friends.”

Adding, “There’s a hair salon for my sisters.  The pool is for the grandkids,” Van Lee said.

“This kitchen was designed for this house by my wife TJ,” Mark Szafarz said. He’s married to Reggie’s sister. “It’s fun. We each have our own spaces. So we can see each other as often as we want.”

That’s why the 59-year-old says he built this house so their family could make many memories together.

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family house

“As much as people say ‘oh that’s so nice of you to do this for your sisters.’  They have no idea the joy I get,” Van Lee said.

“Well this is my favorite room,” Carolyn Lee Conner, Van Lee’s sister said.

“My front door is red,” she added. “It’s beautiful.  I love it. We each have a kitchen.  We have a living room.  We have a washer dryer area.  We have two bedrooms.  One master and guest and each of those have separate bathrooms.”

She also notes that “We all contribute to the pot of money that covers the food, housekeeper, groundskeeper, utilities.”

And they’re hoping to encourage other families to follow suit, even if on a smaller scale.

“I think if we did more of that we would have more happiness in the world and a lot less tension,” Van Lee said.

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