tami-roman-reggie youngblood*For reasons that remain unknown to those that truly care, Tami Roman’s boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood, popped off on online trolls who came for his lady.

It’s unclear what exactly set him off, but over the weekend, Reggie, who appears with Tami on “Basketball Wives,” posted a social media video addressing “men” that were criticizing the reality star. Check out the clip above, in which he states:

Check out the clip above, in which he states: “To you dudes that feel like you got some disrespectful sh*t to say ’bout my lady, man: Hit me up, I’m in Houston, if you from Houston we can meet up. We can discuss it, bro. Discuss that sh*t with me.”

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reggie responds to online trolls

He wants those who have an issue with him and Tami to: “Share your thoughts with me man. What kind of nigga wanna bash a female, anyway? What kinda nigga watch Basketball Wives anyways? I’m in the sh*t and don’t even watch it.”

Reggie added, “All I’m saying is be respectful man. Just be respectful. That’s it. Please.”

Tami feigned confusion on the matter, chiming in with: “I’m not sure what happened, not sure what was said…but somebody pissed my dude straight tf off! I love me some him LOL – standing up for me like this…I’m a lil moist ????? love you baby! @reggieyb1 they don’t know you ignant and don’t play these type of games-he just ain’t gonna let no man disrespect me…I’m here for it ?????? #myking”