Karen Ward Ross (as Roxanned), Alesha Renee (Calysta) and Sahara Ware (Heaven) star in Victoria Rowell’s new UMC original The Rich and The Ruthless. Stream it now at UMC.tv

*Being gorgeous is easy for Calysta! Aleesha Renee stars as one of the determined soap opera stars on #TheRichAndTheRuthless.  

Calysta is in for a constant jockeying for position as conniving, power hungry, attention stared divas throw fits and cat fights in the hilarious new series created by Victoria Rowell on The Urban Movie Channel.

Stream it now during the UMC.tv FREE 7 day trial.  

Anything goes, on the set of #TheRichAndTheRuthless, including petty fights & eager soap starlets willing to do anything to stay on top!  Victoria Rowell has created a must-see dramedy! Starts Friday! #UMCOriginals

From creator, Victoria Rowell, get ready for #TheRichAndTheRuthless a behind the scenes look at daytime soaps, filled with sexy characters, steamy secrets & intrigue! #UMCOriginals

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