*Have you ever watched a movie and anticipated every coming minute? Cringed at every twist and jumped with every turn?

This was definitely the feeling during our preview of the new film “The Hitman’s Body Guard” staring Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek, Ryan Reynolds and a cast of amazing action ready talent!

EURweb.com entertainment correspondent Loren LoRosa sat down with the legendary Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek and learned that a lot of what movie goers can expect on August 18 when the film hits theaters … that the acting was so much more about natural instinct and less about the characters they were introduced to on paper!

“He makes it easy he is like an iconic person, it’s easy to keep that vibration of him around even when he is not there he doesn’t go away even when he’s gone,” Hayek said complimenting Jackson.

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The movie opens with viewers meeting a “Triple A Rated Executive Protection Agent” named Michael Bryce played by Ryan Reynolds. Michael’s job is to protect high profile clients from harms reach. We are then introduced to Jackson’s character, Darius Kincaid, a legendary hit man who is the definition of harm!

As arch nemesis , Kincaid and Micheal are forced to face a plot twist when Michael is called out of a rut to protect Kincaid. Kincaid, although a strong killer has a charming side that we also get a chance to learn throughout the film, especially when we learn of his wife, played by Salma Hayek.

“I remember when they said they were casting Salma as my wife and we started talking about the bar scene. When I was talking to them about it, I told them I was just (speaking with) Lionel Richie and the perfect song for me to meet her on is ‘Hello’,” Jackson told LoRosa.

“The Hitman’s Body Guard” hits theaters this Friday, August 18.

It is by far the best combination of action, suspense and loves twists and turns we’ve seen in a while!

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