ron davenport sr

Ron Davenport, Sr.

*Sheridan Broadcasting Network (SBN), part of the Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation, formally ended all programming today, according to sources close to the Pittsburgh based company.

The move comes as Ron Davenport Sr. and his family who founded the company in 1972, struggled to keep the radio network with about 10 staffers afloat after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016.

“We are excited about the upsurge of interest that we’re seeing in our news and sports services,” Davenport Sr. declared in a press release on their website announcing a “doubling of weekday news and sports broadcasts effective April 3, 2017.”

Despite that increase in programming SBN was never able to lure more than 17 radio stations to carry their news or sports programming when in decades past the number was in the hundreds.

Sources tell that the Davenports intend to keep the Sheridan Gospel Network (SGN) on the air even though they’ve shuttered SBN.

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