Shauna Brooks, Bobby Valentino (Instagram)

Shauna Brooks, Bobby Valentino (Instagram)

*A second trans woman has come forward alleging a hookup with R&B singer Bobby Valentino…and she has receipts.

Shauna Brooks, who has previously been linked to Chris Brown, Tyga and Nick Young, has entered the conversation with a screenshot of her push notifications dated Feb. 3, showing a missed call and an Instagram like allegedly from Valentino.

In the caption, she suggests they link up to explore future business opportunities, since “we run in the SAME circles NOW.”

Regarding viral video footage allegedly showing Bobby skipping out on paying a transgender prostitute, the singer denies the allegations and swears he’s being extorted.

His reps told TMZ that the person caught on camera with Valentino was not a prostitute, and that the video was recorded in order to extort money from him because of his celebrity status.

His team also declares that Valentino had no idea the woman on the video was transgender.

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