*Fusion TV’s new pop culture show, “The A.V. Club Hosted by John Teti,” is stirring things up with a special tribute to the iconic game show, “The Price Is Right,” which has been on television for a whopping 46 years.

Airing TONIGHT, Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 9PM ET, “The A.V. Club’s” host, John Teti, is ecstatic about the episode.

“This is one of John’s all-time favorite programs since he was a little boy, “ said Alicia Haywood, who is one of three executive producers on “The A.V. Club.” “He used to watch it with his grandmother and for him to go to ‘The Price Is Right’ studios and to be granted full access to everything about the show was a dream come true him.“

Alicia Haywood, Executive Producer of “The A.V. Club” –  Credit: Fusion TV

She continued, “It was a delight for everyone around him to see him in that space talking to Drew Carey, the announcer George Gray, the person who does the casting and choosing the contestants in line. John even did a workshop with the models to learn how they do what they do. This is ‘The Price is Right’s’ 46th season and Drew’s 10th anniversary with the show. All the stars just seemed to align and it felt very appropriate for us to dedicate an entire episode of our show to this one.”

“The A.V. Club” has been a website focusing on entertainment and pop-culture since 1993. Its name is a nod to the good ol’ days when schools had an “audiovisual club” consisting of students who knew how to work the film and slide projectors.

The weekly series has been airing since this past March and Haywood, who has been in media for 23 years, said Fusion TV is confident that it will hit a chord with television audiences.

“It’s about pop culture, television, film, music, and what people are reading,” said Haywood. “It’s all things media and entertainment and how people are engaging with it and what people find to be their favorites and least favorites. We want it to be a destination for people to come to for smart conversations about pop culture. It’s fun. It’s informative. It’s entertaining. It’s everything you would need to feel like you are in the know about entertainment.”

John Teti , Host of “The A.V. Club” –  Credit: Fusion TV

Host John Teti has been with “The A.V. Club” since the beginning as the editor-at-large and can also be seen doing hosting duties as well. Haywood admires Teti’s continued commitment to the show and website.

“He is one of the most uniquely talented human beings I’ve ever met, ever worked with, and I’m speaking from 23 years’ worth of media production experience,’ said Haywood, who has produced a variety of content for entities such as OWN, E!, The Style Network as well as producing three award-winning short films. “So, I don’t say that lightly.”

Haywood added, “What we’re doing on the production side is trying to create the space for John to be John. This is no act. This is his wardrobe. This is who he is. These are his thoughts. He is the head writer of the show and it is absolutely his perspective that is leading the way for our program.”

If you have watched the show, you may think that it is similar to Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” However, Haywood said that even though Teti worked on that show several years ago as a segment producer, there is a huge difference.

“’The Daily Show’ is known as the place for people to get a take on more political news,” Haywood countered. “Our show is not that. We’re not talking politics as much as we’re talking media and entertainment-movies and television. We’re trying to model how people can use certain aspects of entertainment to dialogue with folks who may not naturally be in dialogue with one another. We may not live in the same area, but we can certainly get together around this certain show that we both enjoy or we can come together around a show that you don’t like but can still have a conversation about it.”

Alicia Haywood, Executive Producer of “The A.V. Club” –  Credit: Fusion TV

Haywood continued, ‘The Daily Show’ is comedy for sure but I think we would agree that the take is pretty liberal and people who are not on the liberal side of things would expect to maybe be invited on that show where there would be a debate surrounding politics. On our side, we may have a debate around something that is a lot less painful.”

For more information on “The A.V. Club Hosted by John Teti” and Fusion TV, click here. Go here for more on “The A.V. Club’s” website.

Don’t forget that the special “The Price is Right” episode of “The A.V. Club” airs TONIGHT, Thursday, August 10 at 9PM ET on Fusion TV.

drew carey & john teti - the price is right

A.V. Club Show host John Teti on the set of “The Price is Right” with Drew Carey (Photo: Fusion TV)