drama series in the works

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*Mariah Carey believes there should be a biopic made of her life, and Hollywood whispers that “she also thinks she is the only person who can play herself and wants to do so for the past 20 years of her life.”

According to Deadline, while it’s not entirely a biopic, a fictional, scripted drama series is in the works at Starz, based on Carey’s experiences. She is executive producing the project with longtime industry pal Brett Ratner.

The series will be set in 1986 New York City, chronicling the rise of an “ambitious bi-racial 16-year-old girl, an aspiring singer/songwriter who survived a difficult childhood to become the biggest selling female music artist of all time.”

Writer Nina Colman will be show runner, and alongside Carey and Ratner, Stella Bulochnikov and Teri Weinberg are also executive producers.

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launching jazz TV

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Music icon Quincy Jones has teamed with television producer Reza Ackbaraly to launch the first-ever video-on-demand service dedicated to jazz music and jazz-inspired music forms.

Shadow and Act notes that subscribers will be able to choose when and where to watch a “personalized selection of exclusive, original content including concerts, documentaries, interviews and archival footage on their mobile devices and computers in HD or 4K for a monthly fee starting at $7.49.”

A Kickstarter campaign will launch September, and people can get “pre-launch subscriptions.”

“The dream of Qwest TV is to let jazz and music lovers everywhere experience these incredibly rich and diverse musical traditions in a whole new way.  At my core, I am a bebopper, and over the course of my seventy-year career in music I have witnessed firsthand the power of jazz – and all of its off-spring from the blues and R&B to pop, rock and hip-hop, to tear down walls and bring the world together.  I believe that a hundred years from now, when people look back at the 20th century, they will view Bird, Miles and Dizzy, as our Mozarts, Bachs, Chopins and Tchaikovskys, and it is my hope that Qwest TV will serve to carry forth and build on the great legacy that is jazz for many generations to come,” said Jones.