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Franklin Matthews: world community (including North Korea) and water desalination advocate

*Imagine if the American government committed to the greatest use of its super power and finessed the idea of world peace and a shared commitment to everyone on the planet.

And then imagine if America wiggled a partnership with all territories within the seven continents of the world, including North Korea.

Recently during a phone call between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Donald Trump, China’s president asked Trump to back down.


“Concerned parties” should avoid “remarks and actions” that could escalate tensions on the Korean peninsula.”

This is a serious plead. There is a dangerous verbal brawl going on between President Trump and Kim Jun-un.

Trump said: “North Korea will ‘truly regret’ any attack on Guam, the US or its allies”

It’s time for the United States government to step-up.  Our obligation is to the world, including Guam & North Korea. The ideas of global peace and love, global-shared interest, and world community not only sound refreshing but are a super power’s calling, right now!

Right now, America is called to consider the needs of everyone and everything on the planet. But more immediately, there is something that the United States can offer Jun-un to peacefully de-escalate tensions with Guam.

What is Kim Jun-un crying out for?

Instead of threats from Trump, North Koreans can use America’s compassion and consideration; they live in an isolated dungeon of nothing. They can use our help towards economic independence.

The world needs unity. Right now the United States can start its greatest work — towards a global community by addressing the root problem with North Korea before its too late and things get really-real.

America is called to commune with all people and work to improve the whole world. — Franklin Matthews

In this time of great consequence, it will be revealed who we are. Are we the super-hero, or are we the powerful villain? Either way, a domino effect is certain.

North Korea

Imagine North Korea.  Watch them, they are missile-focused. As a collective, day and night they train themselves mentally and physically. They are determined, and as a people, they can’t be broken. Their distractions are minimal.

Because of this North Korea has the man power, militant-dedication, focus, and commitment that is useful to the world. Left isolated and alone they will eventually divulge into cancer — perhaps first infecting Guam. Eventually, their focus will be actualized. Will it be for the world or against it?

Now imagine The United States, while still supporting Guam, showing consideration for North Korea’s best interest.

For an example, the American government can address the global water crisis and appoint, and compensate North Korea to act as a world hub for water desalination and conservation. Such a partnership can boost the North Korean economy, and foster a sense of community  — working toward a global and shared interest.

That’s just an idea. The point is, the American government should not seek to destroy groups of people, as a solution; doing so is self-destruction. There is another choice.

America is powerful, resourceful, and witty enough to find peaceful solutions. As a super power, the United States has a duty to bring the world together in peace — working together with all seven continents for the protection of every single person on the planet. We have the wit to figure this out.

This is a call for America to move forward towards its highest calling. There is great potential, but it can only be realized in love and support, not destruction.

Note to Trump and to the American Government:

Do not maneuver towards a fight that wastes people and land — world resources. Imagine a man shooting or blowing up his own phone, car or computer. The behavior in both instances is senseless, ill-productive and will cause a backlash — and in the latter — possibly the greatest destruction we have ever seen.

One person alone can innovate to produce a million phones, one thousand cars, and a million computers, and he can develop inventions that save lives. The world can’t afford to waste or destroy any of its people. When we do we can’t ever know what we have forfeited after taking away a person, or a people’s opportunity to live.

We are all a part of Gods Army some of us just need to be regulated and rebriefed and perhaps reassigned tasks they are capable of achieving.

We shouldn’t oppress people who don’t have the devices to sustain.  Instead, we can support them with needed tools, and jobs or world assignments. Together we can foster a world effort enriching communities around the entire globe.

If god’s planet is a classroom you have advanced placement, regular placement, and remedial classes.  We must treat each class appropriately while providing all classes with the basics and tools needed to thrive.

We need to stimulate nations that have very low economic ability rather than oppress them. Oppressing them creates a type of cancer; breeding radical, desperate, and careless mentalities. – Franklin Matthews

Consider Kim Jung-un:  When people feel like no one cares they throw tantrums, rants, and fits.

Americans should quit fake caring for people and help them have true economic independence and a true role in global commerce.

Make everyone significant in global economic trade so they can feel secure and know that they are an essential component to our planet and that they are needed and part of the world’s effort — together.

The human race needs each and every person to go to work in Gods army until we resolve the world issues: water, shelter, food, and health care for all.

The chance for all of God’s people to enjoy the essentials of human life should be addressed above all else. Like motor oil and gasoline are essential to maintaining a working car. The fuel for humans, who are worth so much more than cars, should be guaranteed. Without men, there would be no machines. we must protect the human race world wide. There is great potential in all of us.

The world’s governments must unite to protect the human race. There is great potential in all of us.

Franklin Matthews

Franklin Matthews advocates supporting the global community, water-desalination, and the creation of a global water warehouse in North Korea…

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