Joshua Allen

Joshua Allen

*Joshua Allen, the Season 4 winner of “So You Think You Can Dance,” was sentenced to one year in county jail for attacking his girlfriend.

Allen pled no contest Thursday (Aug 3) to one felony count each of willfully injuring a girlfriend after a prior conviction and assault with a deadly weapon (a glass vase), according to L.A. County D.A.

Via Deadline:

The dancer who won SYTYCD back in 2008 had a January 13, 2016 conviction of “willfully injuring a girlfriend,” which was followed by an attempt to strangle his then ex-girlfriend April 13 last year. On June 19, Allen attacked the women again and, after she tried to get away, chased her into a coffee shop. Once inside, Allen got into a dust-up with a man who tried to stop the attack. He also threw that previously mentioned glass vase at a women who intervened. After smashing up the shop some more, Allen was “subdued by other good Samaritans,” as the D.A.’s office puts it. 

Allen reportedly wept after he was sentenced, and was taken into custody immediately following the Van Nuys courthouse hearing.

Allen also has to serve five years of probation once he’s released, and one year of domestic violence counseling. Additionally, Judge Michael Kellogg required that the “Step Up 3D” actor stay away from his former flame of 10 years or face further imprisonment.