Tami Roman - Instagram

Tami Roman – Instagram

*Tami Roman has no time for white nationalist bulls’ish, and has taken to her Instagram outlet Bonnet Chronicles to sound off on Charlottesville, Donald Trump’s support of neo-Nazis and to “simple minded white people” in general.

“Now you feel comfortable to be out here in these streets doing all this s**t you doing,” says the “Basketball Wives” star. “I say all that to say this, don’t let your president get you f**ked up, ‘cuz we are not our ancestors, b*tch.”

Giving them fair warning, Tami continues: “What we not gonna do is be marching and boycotting… We not gonna be playing these games with you out here in these streets.”

In parting, she challenges the white supremacists to come march at a black college.

“Take that s**t down to Morehouse/Spelman and Prairie View and Howard,” she said. “Bring that s**t to Crenshaw & Slauson and see what the f**k happens to you.

Watch below: