*At 17, most of us were excited to end one chapter of our lives and getting ready to embark on the exciting journey to college.

STEP” shows us how 3 young Baltimore women close out their high school chapter. Let’s just say the term ‘with a bang’ doesn’t give them due justice.

Blessin Giraldo, Cori Grainger and Tayla Solomon were able to experience their senior year documentary style as they prepared for the biggest moment of their life to date: the step competition.

The ladies sat down with EURweb associate Nicole Collins to discuss the success of the film. Their friendship off camera is just as strong as it is on camera. And their steps remain in their head as they mark a routine. Blessin Giraldo explains what’s been her favorite part of the press tour.

“Getting a chance to talk to the youth. When they come up and ask for tips and also going to communities and teach them about Stepping,” the other girls agree as Blessin continues: “We are not underprivileged we just had certain cards that were dealt to us and we make the most of it.”

Step (tayla - blessin cori)

(L-r) Tayla Solomon, Blessin Giraldo, and Cori Grainger at the Conrad Hotel in New York. (MMoore Photo)

Their coach, Coach G, was also in attendance. She understands that her role in their lives is an

important one but she knew “it’s important for me to respect what they already built and build from there. I want to teach these ladies life skills that they could use every day.”

And these ladies have incorporated the skills learned now into adulthood. All are currently attending college, they explain any concern of maintain their platform. Cori Grainger says:

“It’s not hard to keep up what you believe in. You have to lead by example.” According to Tayla Solomon “things may change when the movies comes out. I am going to remain the same but people are really supportive and they tell you that they are proud of you.

The ladies hope to continue being a voice for their community. But they also hope to encourage those outside of their community as well. Cori, who attends Johns Hopkins University, added:

“I’m excited for my predominately white school to see another side and to see some of the struggles that people of color have to go through and I hope it inspires them to do more.” Blessin agrees “I hope it encourages school leaders to reconsider funding for the arts in public education.”

“STEP” is currently playing in select theaters/cities. For MORE info on the film, go HERE.