Essence Atkins and Marlon Wayans in ‘Marlon’ (Photo: Greg Gayne/NBC)

*In 1995, she played his brothers love interest on the “The Wayans Brothers.”

Now, 20 years later, Essence Atkins and Marlon Wayans team up for a new NBC show loosely based on Wayans’s experience co-parenting with his ex-wife.

“Marlon” feels fresh and is garnering “Cosby Show” comparisons.

Essence Atkins as Ashley, Bresha Webb as Yvette, Diallo Riddle as Stevie, Marlon Wayans as Marlon, in ‘Marlon’ (Photo: Greg Gayne/NBC)

“It feels very destined,” replied Atkins when asked how this experience differs from past collaborations.

The actress said, Wayans predicted this partnership five years ago on the set of “A Haunted House,” when he turned to her in the hair and makeup chair and said, ‘I’m gonna do a TV show and you’re gonna play my wife.’

“It feels very blessed and it has from the beginning,” shared the Brooklyn native.

Wayans is no stranger to blessings. He cut his teeth in a creative and influential family during what he calls, ‘the Black Hollywood renaissance of the early ‘90s.’ The seasoned actor brings his vibrant, lovingly and goofy humor to the series.

Essence Atkins & Marlon Wayans in ‘Marlon’ (Photo: Tyler Golden/NBC)

“He’s freer now,” gushed the 45 year-old, when describing how Wayans has changed since their last project together. “He has more liberation because he trusts himself more…he’s rebounded enough to know that it’s not the end. He’s a better artist, he’s a better actor, he’s a better writer, [and] he’s a better producer because he trusts himself more.”

Atkins plays, Ashley Wayne, a near perfect, control freak, ex-wife and mother of their two young children. While Wayans plays, a larger than life, extremely immature version of himself. Although, in this sitcom, his real life celebrity is replaced by internet stardom. The connection between the duo is truly special and the dynamic they’ve created is hilarious.

“Marlon” premieres on August 16th at 9/9:30 PM, on NBC.

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