*University of Michigan doctoral candidate, Heidi Gansen, wrote her dissertation paper literally blaming kindergarten teachers for encouraging heterosexuality. She came to this after observing teachers while children did role-play and says, “not once did the teachers in two of the three schools suggest that it was appropriate for the girls to play the dad, or even have a household with two moms.”

Oh boy!

Raise your hand HIGH if your first thought is “What kind of new shit is this — where you have to justify being heterosexual and moreover, THINKING like one?”

On her website, Gansen reveals her research interests include sociology of education, social inequality, gender & sexuality, childhood, and qualitative methods. She also notes additional interests and experience teaching courses on the sociology of deviance, sexualities, and criminology.

After a research study she performed revealed that approximately 94% of children identify as heterosexual, 5 percent identify as gay and 1% identifies as transgender, she says the teachers “encourage heterosexual behavior and this stands in the way of gender diversity.”

Did you ever think the day would come where you would have to explain yourself as a heterosexual? According to Gansen…welcome to a new day.

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