See Ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya. That’s basically what Usher‘s insurance company is saying to the singer in the wake of all the herpes allegations against him.

In fact, New York Marine and General Insurance Company filed legal documents that claim the firm is not obligated to defend him in the lawsuits claiming that he concealed the disease from multiple sexual partners.

Specifically, the company has filed legal paperwork in Los Angeles Superior Court saying they have zero obligation to defend him either in California or Georgia, reports the NY Daily News which cites People as its source.

The paperwork also reportedly claims that the company no duty to defend Usher in any future lawsuits regarding the same matter.

This seems so wrong for an insurance company to leave him hanging, so to speak, but the truth of the matter is they don’t have to represent anyone who has intentionally concealed something like, say, herpes from their accusers.

New York Marine filed the paperwork on Monday on August 7 for a judge to agree and deem that they aren’t financially or legally responsible for his lawsuits in Georgia or California.



Even if the insurance company has begun to defend him in Georgia, once a judge rules that they are not responsible they can hand the case to Usher’s defense attorney.

The company also claims he hid a previous lawsuit related to the sexually transmitted infection, which he’s thought to have settled in 2012 for $1.1 million.

As far as the lawsuits against Usher, attorney Lisa Bloom is representing three victims who claim to have had unprotected sex with the singer.

As we’ve reported, they include two women and a man and all three claim that the singer did not disclose that he had herpes.

In the meantime, Usher still hasn’t issued an formal statements about the situation he’s embroiled in.

Even though blogger Sandra Rose posted a story that said the singer doesn’t have herpes, so far he hasn’t released medical proof that he doesn’t have the STD.