*There’s more news about Deandre Harris, the young brother that was beaten mercilessly by white supremacist in Charlottesville, Virginia. A hard to watch, graphic video of Harris’ beating has shown up and it is everything you probably imagined it to be when you heard about it and saw the photo of a bloodied Harris.

Not only has the video come to light, but #BlackLivesMatter activist and NY Daily News columnist Shaun King has gone a step further and is offering a $10,000 reward the proper identification of the men seen brutally beating Harris.

Here’s MORE from King:

This is a crime. Not only is it felony assault, but I have spoken to witnesses who heard these men use racial slurs against Deandre throughout the assault.

In this post, I will include every photo I have and tell you everything I know about this incident.

I have spoken to multiple eyewitnesses, including Zach Roberts, the brave man who snapped the photos of the assault and witnessed the entire thing from start to finish. These white supremacists started this brutal assault with Deandre and had actually been harassing him for blocks, as witnessed by several people I spoke with.

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Here is what we know:

1. At least 5 men brutally and illegally assaulted Deandre by repeatedly punching, kicking, and hitting him with weapons. Those 4 men are all seen in the photo. This is a crime.

2. We have already identified the man in the hardhat as Daniel “Dan” Borden. He has not yet been located or arrested. But multiple witnesses described his brutality in this incident.

3. We just obtained the newest photo of the incident with the man in the red hat and do not yet have clearer photos of him. He did assault Deandre.

4. The man with the red beard caused the most damage to Deandre. Multiple witnesses told me he literally jumped in the air to gain force with each strike he inflicted on Deandre’s head.

5. We have not yet identified the man in the long sleeve white shirt but have included multiple pictures of him from the day.

6. We have not yet identified the man in the black outfit and hardhat who can be seen kicking Deandre in the newly released photo.

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