Remy Ma MTV's "Wild 'N Out"

Remy Ma MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out”

*In the beef that just won’t die, Remy Ma fired another shot at her nemesis Nicki Minaj, this time using just one word.

MTV tweeted a clip from tonight’s (Aug 10) episode of Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out,” which features two teams that earn points based on the caliber of their insults, as determined by the show’s D.J.

The crews are playing a game of “Rest in Peace,” which requires cast members to deliver funny eulogies about random celebrities. Minaj’s name is assigned, and the black team’s Emmanuel Hudson takes the podium…only for the audience to begin chanting Remy’s name.

On cue, Remy walks to the podium and uttered just one word: “ShETHER.”

Watch below: